Mission:  Witnessing the Word boldly to a wounded world. Act 4:31Vision:    Salvation through evangelism; healing through ministry. 1 Thessalonians 2:13

The Word of God Baptist Church was founded in 1974 under the leadership of Rev. Chine Livingston, a former son of the Solid Rock Baptist Church. In July of 1974, Rev. Livingston held an initial meeting with a group of 18 believers concerning the propriety of organizing a new church. He was greatly encouraged by all in attendance. As the meeting progressed, those in attendance began to pray and petition God for a name for the new church. The name, The Word of God Baptist Church, given through Annette Gissentanna was met with the approval of all present, and officially adopted. Thus, “The Word of God Baptists Church” was born.

The Word of God Baptist Church was first housed at 78 “P” Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. The first service was held on Friday, August 9, 1974, followed by a second service on Saturday, August 10th.  The first Sunday service was held on August 11, 1974, beginning with Sunday School, taught by Pastor Livingston. The Pastor also delivered the message for the first 11:00 a.m. Worship service, entitled “Jesus Wants to Hear From You.” His text was taken from the 16th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. Under the pastorate of Rev. Livingston the church the membership grew from 18 to approximately 200 members.

In September of 1975, the church moved to a larger facility located at 901 2nd Street, N.E. and in May of 1977 the Church relocated to1512 “K” Street, S.E.   On November 23, 1983, Rev. Livingston resigned as Pastor from The Word of God Baptist Church. Rev. John L. McCoy, son of the St. Mark’s Baptist Church was elected as Pastor on June 23rd, 1984.

Under the leadership of Pastor McCoy the membership continued to grow to approximately 300. Pastor McCoy’s focus on education and leadership was instrumental in preparing the congregation to grow spiritually and to expand its ministry and programs to include: The Mighty Men’s Ministry, Women of Virtue, The Virtuous Women’s Ministry, The Golden Eagles Seniors program, Youth on The Growth For Christ (YOGFC), The Christian Co-op Gift Shop, Single’s Ministry, Marriage Enrichment Ministry, The ABC Educational Store, Young Adult Ministry, Drama Ministry, Major Motion Pictures – Too Saved and Nocturnal Agony.

November 1985:Retiring 1512 K Street mortgage

January 1988:Acquisition of land on Ventura Ave, Capitol Heights, MD.

November 1989:Purchased single family house to accommodate the growing ministries.(930 15th Street, S.E.)

April 1995:Acquired 13 unit apartment to house the Educational and Administrative programs. Logos Ministry Building:1516 “K” Street, SE

May 2006:Pastor McCoy earned Doctorate from Howard University, School of Divinity

December 2006:Pastor McCoy was inaugurated as President of the Washington Baptist Seminary.

March 2015:Purchased 6513 Queens Chapel Road, University Park, Maryland

PastorMcCoy_BioPhotoVisionary: Reverend Dr. John L. McCoy

John L. McCoy, a native of Smithfield, North Carolina, was raised in the Washington metropolitan area. He graduated from the Calvin Coolidge High School in 1964. He was employed by the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority for 22 years, where the Lord taught him to work with people from all segments of society. In July of 1980, under the leadership of his beloved pastor, Wilborn Gilmore, he preached his initial sermon at the St. Mark’s Baptist Church. In 1983, Minister McCoy received his diploma from the Washington Baptist Seminary. He was ordained in January of 1984. In June of that year, Rev. McCoy was called to The Word of God Baptist Church, where he presently serves as pastor.

Pastor John McCoy is proud to have been blessed to attend the Richmond Virginia Seminary, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1993 and a Master of Divinity Degree in 1995. He has served as the first Educational Dean of the Potomac River Baptist Association under the visionary leadership of Jesse B. Williams. One of his greatest honors was being elected, in 1998, to serve as Vice President of the Washington Baptist Seminary under the legendary Presidency of Dr. Andrew Fowler. It was the encouragement of Dr. Fowler that led him to enroll in the Howard University, School of Divinity, where he earned and was awarded a Doctorate of Ministry Degree on May 13, 2000. A year after the passing of Dr. Fowler, in January of 2003, the trustees of the Washington Baptist Seminary elected John L. McCoy as the school’s third President.

His passion for education and creative writing is evident in all that he does. The Shanele Jasmine Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund is a product of his vision, encouragement and support and the Brown family is forever grateful. He has touched the lives of so many in such a positive manner. Pastor McCoy is a blessing.

“And in the church God has appointed …those with gifts of administration”. (1 Cor. 12:28)

The mission of the Administrative staff is to provide the framework that enables the church to function effectively. Administration is the business version of the biblical “watchman on the wall.” The administrative staff is comprised of spiritually mature individuals, walking in integrity that assist and manage the day to day tasks necessary for running the church. Our responsibilities are broad ranging from handling the pastor’s schedule, to planning homegoing services, planning special events during the calendar year, maintaining the church’s calendar, and overseeing all auxiliaries of the church.

StaffOffice Manager:  Deaconess Fran JonesChurch Administrator: Deaconess Janet HumphreyAdministrative Assistant:  Rev. Anthony Cardwell

Volunteer StaffAnnouncement /Bulletin Clerk:  Sister Maria PughAdministrative Assistant:  Minister Melanie GilliamAdministrative Assistant:  Sister Leslie Pugh

As Trustees, we strive to be good stewards over the resources of The Word of God Baptist Church. Our primary duties and responsibilities include maintaining the church properties and ministries; assisting with the development of new ministries and outreach programs, managing concerns and feedback from congregation members; ensuring that the church meet its financial goals and obligations; overseeing all contracts entered into by the church; overseeing events held by organizations that are renting the church; opening and closing of the church; negotiating salaries of church employees and preparing financial reports regarding the state of the church.


Ivy Hawkins (Chairperson) Steven Walker (Vice Chair) Nzinga Cardwell Shirley Cobb Stacey Smith Tara Hayman Eddie Humphrey Fran Jones Earnest Jones Paul London Lucinda YoungbloodRobert Lucas