Your Financial Personality

Understanding what motivates you when it comes to money?

January 28, 2017


Tip 1. Recognize That Money Isn’t The Problem.   

Some experts state that financial problems usually stem from:

1. Over-spending:

  • The pattern of spending more than we make?

                    Is it to impress others?

                   Does it make us feel good or better about ourselves?

                   Is it to fit in a special group or class?

2. Over-saving:

  • Save with a purpose?

                 Is your goal to have a 6 month Emergency Plan?

                Are you saving for retirement?

                Are you planning for your child/children’s education?

               Are you saving for a House, Car, or a large purpose?

  • Saving for the sake of saving is hording


Why:   Some licensed clinical psychologist, believes that just like overeating and anger responses, overspending and over-saving (out of fear) are highly charged emotional behaviors that often stem from something much deeper than what appears on the surface.   Like shopping addicts or money addicts, the real problem isn’t money, but rather “the pursuit of filling emptiness, addressing sadness, and an attempt to address shortfalls in finding meaning and purpose in life.”

Recommendation:  To counteract such internal issues, psychologists and financial planners suggests instead of focusing on money, address the thoughts and feelings behind the financial impulse that drives up to overspend or over save with the goal of creating behavioral change. When irrational beliefs are addressed over money behaviors, more moderated habits can begin to unfold.  “Money usually is not all about money; it’s about gaining freedom to live the life you want,”  

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Based on an article by Stephanie Taylor Christensen, 2013